Friday, October 15

Fall Break

Fall break will run from October 14-15, 2021.

Visible Man

Curated by respected art expert Michael Harris, an Emory University art history professor and a 1971 BGSU School of Art graduate, Visible Man will present a...

Explore BGSU's Graduate Programs 10/15

In this webinar, we will explore the graduate programs offered at Bowling Green State University. Topics will also include admissions requirements, campus...

Virtual Event
Jason Bauer and Romina Gonzales

Jason Bauer and Romina Gonzales will arrive on thursday Oct 5 and conduct glass demonstrations during classtimes and give an artist talk at 5-6pm in room...

Bible Study Meeting

Meeting to study the Bible and pray for members as required. Learn more at http://bgsu.presence.io/event/bible-study-meeting

Friday, October 15