Thursday, April 22

BGSU Leadership Achievement Award

Are you interested in strengthening your leadership skills? Sign up for the BGSU Leadership Achievement Award (BLAA)! The BLAA is a self-paced,...

Virtual Event
BGSU Women's Track and Field at Drake Relays

BGSU Women's Track and Field at Drake Relays https://bgsufalcons.com/calendar.aspx?id=11199

BGSU Women's Track and Field at Gina Relays

BGSU Women's Track and Field at Gina Relays https://bgsufalcons.com/calendar.aspx?id=11200

Red Flowers on campus

Earth Day ---------- Join us in April for events and activities, both virtual and in-person that will involve and motivate the university community on the...

Electric vehicle charging station

Take a walk through the Union Oval to see some of the latest and greatest electric and hybrid vehicles. Learn how this technology is working to reduce or...

STEM and Healthcare Virtual Career Fair

To be maximally productive in academic life, we all need to produce a steady stream of publications; but how can we keep multiple writing projects moving...

Virtual Event
AIAS Art Night

Create a small pot with AIAS to end off the year. We will charcoal fire them for you while you participate in other art activities. Learn more at...

The Hatch "Shark Tank" Falcon Style

Virtual After applying and being selected, BGSU student entrepreneurs (Hatchlings) present their business ideas to Falcon Investors during The Hatch®, vying...

Douglas Wayland Student Chamber Competition: Winners Concert

The winners of the Douglas Wayland Student Chamber Competition will perform in a recital at St. Tim's in Perrysburg.

Thursday, April 22