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The Wolfe Center for the Arts is part of the BGSU Arts Corridor, located between the Fine Arts Building and the Moore Musical Arts Center.  The 120,000-square-foot facility provides a space for collaborative work and study between all the fine and performing arts. The building includes the offices for the Department of Theatre and Film Home, classrooms, a 400-seat theatre, a black box actor’s theatre, sound stage and production support areas, electronic recording studio, student technology center and collaborative vocal music, school of art and dance studios.

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Cindy Rawlings

Cindy Rawlings left a positive review 11/8/2019

I took my 34 year old daughter, and two granddaughters, ages 10 and 4. We all LOVED it! We each enjoyed it for different reasons, and at different levels. My granddaughters giggled through it, as did my daughter and myself. But, being a grammy, it eventually brought tears to my eyes. A's facial expressions were beyond comical, engaging and heartbreaking! Everyone did an amazing job. Thanks for the opportunity to share theater with my grandchildren at such a low price, too.

Joan Baughman

Joan Baughman left a positive review 11/18/2018

I loved the show! Especially the passion of the character Orin! He was absurd and proud! !

Michael Peslikis

Michael Peslikis left a review 10/19/2018

Audience was annoying, laughing at anything remotely blue, even lines which weren't even remotely funny. The play might be good, but you would never know it from this performance. Perhaps the material, as I said above, was to advanced for the cast.

Michael Peslikis

Michael Peslikis left a review 10/20/2018

Leading lady was miscast, a good actress, but a character actress, not a leading lady. (I am intentionally non PC, I use actor and actress aviator and aviatrix). Material was beyond the ability of the cast, although they did, in some scenes rise to the occasion–hospital room scene, barroom scene. Dad actor needed to project more; I missed a lot of his lines.

Wolfe Center for the Arts

Wolfe Center for the Arts posted a photo 7/3/2018